Love what you do

A short behind the scenes video of me shooting a wedding


There are SO many other amazing photographers out there & I bet you're asking yourself why I might be different to everyone else.

I will tell you why...

Telling your story is important to me. I am passionate about capturing those special, little intimate and meaningful moments that will be looked back on for years to come. Those little kisses, whispers, tears, the hysterical laughter, the passion, the silly poses and those vulnerable moments too that all tend to happen on your special day! If you value these little moments over the perfectly posed photo then I can tell you now, we're a good fit!

My desire is that I offer you an EPIC experience, as your photographer, that you won't forget. I want to serve you on your day, I want you to trust me, trust that i've got it under control, because I do. I want you to feel like i'm your friend, you can have fun with me (even though you're on camera), we can laugh at the awkward moments, that I will hear your heart, and that most of all you will feel comfortable. Because genuinely, who would want some stranger trailing behind them all day with a camera in their face?

I choose to do this because I LOVE it, I love the adventures we will go on, I love meeting and connecting with each of my couples.

I am also passionate about using natural light, as I believe it creates the best photos, that golden hour right before sunset will always facilitate in beautifully portraying these special moments. Over time, my knowledge, skills and passion for photography have developed and pushed me to be the photographer I am.

So let's DO THIS, yes? YES! I CANNOT wait to capture these moments in time for you!


I live in the Lower Kaimai's on the outskirts of Tauranga, New Zealand. I'm a wife to my husband of 7 years and i'm a mama to our German Wire-haired Pointer dog of 5 years and our latest addition... our son Lucah who is 4 years old. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and immigrated with my family to New Zealand 13 years ago. I am an easygoing person, I am also an extrovert! I love coffee, nature and the outdoors. I am a collector of indoor plants.

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