Top Tips for an EPIC Family Session

This family session was definitely up there as one of my all time favourite sessions!!

There were lots of things contributing to making these photos amazing & I have these tips for YOU... You'll need to read through this blog post to get ALL the goodies to make sure your family session AWESOME and just how you imagined it would be!


This is number 1 for a reason. It is the most important. Making sure we plan your family session for the right time of the day ensures stunning light like this. Too early and the sun is too bright/harsh and too late and we’ve lost our golden light!


Where is your family most comfortable? Do you go to the beach a lot? Or do you go to parks and playgrounds? Or have you got somewhere else you enjoy going and spending time together that you think would make for good photos? Maybe eating ice-creams or grabbing fish n chips! This family spend HEAPS of time at the beach and the kids absolutely love it there! They were so comfortable and right at home!!


Choosing neutral tones is key. Colours that blend into your surroundings, nothing too bold or branded. Otherwise your photos will date quickly as trends are always changing. You want yours & your families faces to be the main focus. Clothes should not distract from your faces. This family chose some great colours that really complimented each other. For example: Grey, beige, pastel colours, and natural colours like the brown/rust coloured overalls or cream coloured cardigans.


How you see your kids behaving or more accurately, "misbehaving", is not how things look on camera! I want them (more than anything) to have a good time and to have FUN while we take their mug shots!! My style is mostly candid, we might do a couple of set-up/"staged" photos of all of you together, but the rest of the time, I want to take photos of the boys tackling each other and the girls pulling silly faces. Because these are the memories that you will cherish more than those forced unnatural shots! So don't get yourselves (as their parents or grandparents) worked up or upset that they aren't "listening" because we want them, first and foremost to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Please get in touch if you are keen to book in a family shoot!